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Free Online Workshop

With everything going on in the world right now what is your biggest challenge, fear, frustration or struggle?

Tom Burton, counsellor, psychotherapist and Musician Healer, is offering a Free Online Interactive Zoom Workshop. Please join Tom. He will be there to hold a space for discussion, offer support, and answer questions.

Musicians in Isolation & Other Challenges
May16th from 12-1:30pm MDT
Open to any musician

The Musician Counsellor & Coach

Musicians have distinct issues with respect to insecurities, performance demands, and collaborative relationships. As a violinist, I have personal experience with these issues. As a counsellor with experience in group and couples’ therapy, I also see how family dynamics are replicated in all kinds of groups and music ensembles.

My background in both music and psychotherapy provides me with specialized insight to help musicians and ensembles build trust, improve communication, and unify purpose.

Musicians & Perfectionism

I find that musicians have their unique set of challenges. I combine my understanding as a counsellor with my passion for music. Musicians often feel shamed into keeping quiet about their own issues such as performance anxiety and depression.

Individual and Group Sessions

I help musical groups such as string quartets, bands, and ensembles who are working together, often for many years, who require coaching and counselling to maintain healthy relationships and work as a team.

Working in an ensemble or group is rather like marriage but there are more than two of you. Rehearsing, performing, and being on tour away from family and close relationships, can be stressful for a group.

I also help individual musicians connect with creativity and joy while overcoming performance anxiety, keeping perfectionism in check, and attending to personal growth needs.

I help individual musicians:

  • Overcome debilitating performance anxiety
  • Channel positive aspects of competitiveness
  • Accept rejection without bitterness
  • Find motivation to practice
  • Reclaim passion
  • Manage conflict successfully
  • Better personal relationships
  • Build self-esteem
  • Overcome doubts, fear and panic
  • Improve communication with others

I help ensembles:

  • Rebuild trust
  • Unify purpose
  • Reclaim passion
  • Manage personality differences
  • Remain competitive with positivity
  • Avoid unrealistic expectations
  • Forgive without blame
  • Establish a safe environment where individuals can express opinions without fear
  • Develop empathy for each other
  • Enable everyone to be heard
  • Improve communication within the group

What I offer:

  • Individuals sessions for by video or in person.
  • Group ensemble sessions
  • Workshops and retreats for music ensembles
  • Skills and tools for maintaining good relationships.
  • Coaching for students and professionals within music programs, and conferences.


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